DNA Espionage

Surprising that this story hasn’t had more coverage:

Five civil servants who help run the national DNA database have been suspended after being accused of industrial espionage.

It is alleged they copied confidential information and used it to set up a rival database in competition with their employers, the Government’s Forensic Science Service. The FSS – which is suing the five men in the High Court – helps police investigate evidence from crimes and sells its services to commercial customers.

It also maintains the controversial database containing DNA samples of almost four million people, the largest in the world.


3 Responses to DNA Espionage

  1. alabastercodify says:

    God almighty.

    I remember there was also the incident of the animal rights activist who worked in the DVLA passing on number plate information to other activists.

    And a lecture I went to pointed out the way that staff such as nurses will simply all share one log in when the Med Records database is up and running.

    Do you know of any lists that catalogue all known examples of breaches of Gov database security? It seems like it could be a key part of any argument agianst them.

  2. archrights says:

    We’re not aware of any such list, but if you find one please let us know. We come across them on a regular basis, and there must be many more that don’t reach the national media. Maybe there’s a PhD in it for someone?

  3. alabastercodify says:

    PhD or heartattack, whichever you get first, perhaps.

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