Join up the dots

Point 1: According to ‘leaked’ Cabinet Office documents, the government is going to send fewer people to prison in future (not a lot of choice there, given that they’re full) and focus on tackling:

the underlying causes of crime through preventative interventions and rehabilitation, addressing social exclusion, dysfunctional families, drugs and alcohol abuse.

A central plank of this new strategy will be:

earlier interventions to stop children leading a life of crime.

Point 2: We’ve been waiting for the government to bring before parliament the regulations that will commence the big push to get every child on to the national facility formerly known as the Information Sharing Index (now ‘ContactPoint’) together with all kinds of ‘basic’ information such as the services involved with him/her.

These regulations have been repeatedly flagged up to appear at the end of March (ie this week) but now we hear that they’ve been delayed until May because they are being revised.

Point 3: Last week, Hilary Armstrong announced that in future, services would be expected to intervene in families facing ‘critical moments’ in their lives, and that the government would be considering:

How efficiently does information flow from adult services to other professionals working with the family, including teachers and health visitors

What’s the betting that there’s a connection between these three points?


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