‘Personalised’ is the new ‘modern’

Apologies for the blog-silence. It’s peak conference season at the moment, and the last few days, though interesting, have been pretty busy.

The Cabinet Office review (pdf) that we mentioned on Monday was duly published. It seems that the early identification/intervention agenda of ‘Every Child Matters’ is to be expanded to whole families:

Families at risk of social exclusion need personalised support from health and social services, ministers have urged.

The guidance follows the publication of new government statistics that reveal 140,000 families are at risk, suffering five or more indicators of social exclusion.

Support workers should intervene with tailored packages at these “critical moments”, minister for social exclusion Hilary Armstrong told health and social services workers at a conference in Brighton today.

Warning signs include; no family member being in work, parents with no qualifications, a mother with mental health problems, a father entering or leaving prison, a pregnant teenage daughter, school suspension and a family income 60 per cent below the median.

Apparently services

ought to be accessible by this segment of the population

and so

services need to intervene at a vulnerable family’s ‘critical moments’

…which sounds rather as if the first of these two statements should read: “families ought to be accessible by services”.

Apparently one of the key questions that government will be looking at is:

How efficiently does information flow from adult services to other professionals working with the family, including teachers and health visitors?


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