The national human being curriculum

Oh good grief:

Every nursery, childminder and reception class in Britain will have to monitor children’s progress towards a set of 69 government-set “early learning goals”, recording them against more than 500 development milestones as they go.

At five, each child will be assessed against 13 scales based on the learning goals and their score, called an early years profile, must be passed to the Department for Education and Skills.

Since I don’t trust myself to write about it until the red mist clears, I’ll forward you to Not Saussure.


2 Responses to The national human being curriculum

  1. hope says:

    what happens to the children who fail to meet their targets?

    surely not the SEN policy which is unfit for purpose on the governments own admission

    Or will parents of these children suffer the fear of social services vists
    to meet the ever rising government adoption figures

  2. archrights says:

    Perhaps a spot of ‘early intervention’ to get them ticking those boxes?

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