Truby King v Benjamin Spock revisited

For those who have been following the continuing saga of childcare ‘expert’ Gina Ford’s legal action against Mumsnet, after her feelings were hurt by flippant comments on the Mumsnet discussion boards, there’s a documentary on Channel 5 tomorrow night:

Gina Ford, whose The Contented Little Baby Book has split the parenting world, is facing attack by some childcare experts who say her methods are not best for children.

Ford advocates a strict regime of feeding and sleeping times to help babies get into a routine. She argues that her techniques help both parents and babies live a fulfilling life.

As the controversial author prepares for the latest stage in her legal battle with Mumsnet, the parents’ forum she is suing after allegedly insulting messages were posted on its internet site, a new attack comes from a Channel 5 documentary to be broadcast tomorrow.


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