Database crazy

I’ve just been looking at an ‘eCAF Pilot Training’ manual – nothing to do with flying, but instructions for practitioners using eCAF, the sister database to the children’s Information Sharing Index – whoops, ‘Contactpoint’.

The eCAF Pilot Training (pdf) describes to practitioners how to complete the necessary forms on their laptops and submit them over the internet. (It also mentions that if you enter part of a name, a list of all children with similar names will come up on screen).

And then I noticed this on ZDNet:

Thousands of Worcestershire County Council employees have become victims of data theft after a laptop containing sensitive personnel information was stolen in a street robbery.

Periodically I have these moments of sheer disbelief at the naive enthusiasm for the whole children’s multi-database project, and wonder if it isn’t a collective act of utter madness. Whatever are they thinking of?


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