…and another one bites the dust

Following the demise of the Connexions Card, plans for a youth opportunity card have also come unstuck:

The Government has pulled the plug on the youth opportunity card after admitting that the technology driving the scheme is not feasible

Funny how telephone-number figures can start to sound like small change… It’s only cost £2m:

PA Consulting, the firm behind the National Identity Card scheme, has been working on the opportunity card since last May. A DfES spokesman said PA was owed no compensation payments since it was on a Framework Agreement. About £2m is thought to have been spent on resourcing for the scheme.

Costs of the now-defunct Connexions Card, which has had a notoriously low uptake, have run to close to £100m including a contract termination fee to provider Capita of at least £11m (YPN, 18-24 October 2006, p2). It engaged just 3.7 per cent of the 16- to 19-year-old target audience, with 0.8 per cent redeeming five or more rewards.


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