Collision course


More news on the YJB front (see our last post) in today’s Observer:

One of Tony Blair’s most trusted and controversial advisers, the ‘respect tsar’ Louise Casey, has been accused of ‘behaviour not befitting a senior civil servant’ and insulting and offending an audience of experts when delivering a keynote speech at the Youth Justice Board’s annual conference. The allegations were made in a letter sent to Casey by Rod Morgan, until recently the chairman of the YJB.

…Morgan, who wrote on behalf of the board of the YJB, says in the letter: ‘Your behaviour was not befitting a senior civil servant. No one who witnessed your behaviour whom I have subsequently spoken to interpreted your remarks as anything other than a studied insult to the committed and effective frontline workers.

‘In response to questions, you insulted your audience, who comprised magistrates, youth workers and groups from the voluntary sector. You spoke in derogatory tones about their programmes of work and succeeded in needlessly offending most of the audience. Delegates were overheard leaving the auditorium saying they were speechless with anger.’


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  1. […] The Queen of Antisocia An absolutely cracking post from Not Saussure on the subject of Louise Casey, the ‘respect tsar’. No point in wasting words when we couldn’t possibly better NS, so we’ll settle for reminding you what we last said about her instead. […]

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