Outrage fatigue

Although publication of the Unicef Innocenti report has kept the phone warm today, reaction within the children/youth sector is far more muted. It’s not that our success as a society in making our children feel miserable, insecure and unwelcome isn’t shocking news; it’s more to do with that feeling of being so exhausted that one can only raise a sigh.

Will the report change anything? Who knows. Speaking from Eeyore’s corner here, I suspect that it’s only a matter of days before everyone starts agreeing that it’s because, by some genetic fluke, the UK has the worst children – and/or the worst parents – in Europe, they all need a damn good hiding and/or locking up, having children is a lifestyle choice that has nothing to do with society and anyway if you ask me children have too many rights these days…and now can we just go back to talking about the seriously grown-up things that really matter.

So, along with large numbers of colleagues, all I can say is: sigh

Update Ah, it was a matter of hours, not days. The BBC has decided that ridicule is an appropriate response – as in ‘Teenagers deny they are as surly and miserable as Kevin and Perry’ – thus completely belittling both the report and the thoughtful comments of the 16yo girl whom they interviewed.


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