The Guardian’s little joke…


Downing Street is pushing for Louise Casey, Tony Blair’s “respect tsar”, to take over the job of chair of the youth justice board left vacant last month by the resignation of Rod Morgan. …Her appointment is likely to polarise opinion amongst those tackling juvenile crime.

What a masterly demonstration of the great British art of understatement.

The job advert which appeared over the weekend describes the role as “pivotal in the youth justice arena nationally” and needing “an engaging and diplomatic style”.

We mentioned the disgraceful circumstances around the resignation of the current YJB Chair a couple of weeks ago. It’s instructive to compare the biographies of Louise Casey and outgoing Chair Rod Morgan


2 Responses to The Guardian’s little joke…

  1. rainmanlite says:

    And my I ask just what the bloody hell homelessness has to do with anti-social behaviour?

  2. […] More news on the YJB front (see our last post) in today’s Observer: One of Tony Blair’s most trusted and controversial advisers, […]

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