Quote of the day

Here’s the deputy head of Astley Sports College in Dukinfield on the school’s decision to install £20K’s worth of CCTV cameras – including in the toilets:

“They’ve definitely proved their worth because pupils know they’re being watched 24 hours a day.”


6 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Pippa says:

    This is extremely concerning, I wonder how many other schools are doing this. Apart from the fact that cameras should definitely not be in school toilets there are serious issues surrounding security of who is viewing and how/where back up tapes are kept…

    The mind boggles!

  2. Lessons in the panopticon: school fits toilets with CCTV

    Astley Sports College in Dukinfield has installed £20,000 worth of CCTV cameras to monitor pupils. Even when they’re in the toilets.
    The Manchester Evening News (via The ARCH blog) reports that the school has a bullying problem, and Deputy Head …

  3. W says:

    I think this deputy head sounds as if he needs help….I wonder what the pupil council feels?

  4. Jon Grant says:

    Must you have these “WordPress powered by Snap” popups on the page URLs? Popups really are annoying you know.

  5. archrights says:

    @Pippa: I’ve a feeling this has going on for some time – I vaguely remember reading about a protest at a school a couple of years ago when CCTV was put in the toilets. It’s very demeaning, and a gross invasion of privacy.

  6. archrights says:

    @W: I wonder if they have a school council? There’s no mention of one in their latest ofsted nor on their website

    @Jon: I hope I’ve fixed it. The irritating pop-ups appeared uninvited one day and you’ve prompted me to do something about it, so thank you. (I confess to finding your abrupt tone somewhat disconcerting, though!)

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