Are you listening, DfES?

Some more research to add to the growing library of studies that tell an identical story: children and young people are very unhappy about having their confidential information shared.

A study looking at the Information Sharing Index has revealed that children have concerns about workers getting access to sensitive information.

Around one in five children want to bar social workers from having access to the Government’s national child index, according to a study by the Commission for Social Care Inspection’s children’s rights director.

Of particular interest is that the children surveyed here are the most likely to have direct experience of agency involvement in their lives. Several other research reports have similarly shown that the children who object the most to information-sharing are the ones most likely to be affected.

As we’ve been saying repeatedly for more than 3 years now, children and young people will quickly learn to keep quiet about their problems and forgo the services. On our more cynical days, we wonder if the whole information-sharing shebang isn’t just a cost-cutting exercise in disguise.


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