Do as I say, not as I do

Blimey, that was quick off the mark. I wondered whether the Big Brother debacle would lead to the inevitable conclusion that we need to Do Something to Children and sure enough:

“The current debate over Big Brother has highlighted the need to make sure our schools focus on the core British values of justice and tolerance.”

Quite apart from the implication that the behaviour of Jade Goody et al is somehow children’s fault, it rather ignores the fact that adults demonstrate by their own example the values that underpin society.

Learning ‘justice and tolerance’ doesn’t seem the obvious outcome of being unwelcome in public spaces, subjected to curfews, ASBOs, arrest for tree-climbing, snowball-throwing or over-enthusiastic games of football in the street, police detention without any suggestion that an offence has been committed, and all the other routine injustices and intolerance of ‘modern’ childhood.


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