The price of medical records

The Times provides yet another illustration of the thriving market in personal data:

Rates that the private investigators were charging their clients for their illegal services:

Itemised telephone billing £750 per month
Personal banking information approx £2,000
Hacking into a target’s computer £5,000 per address
Monitoring a target’s telephone calls £3,000
Obtaining a target’s confidential medical records £350-£500 per person

For more details of what it costs to blag into someone’s private life, see our last blog on the subject.


2 Responses to The price of medical records

  1. Ian Brown says:

    What is REALLY scary to me is that medical records are half the price of telephone bills. And this is BEFORE the government transfers our records to the leaky NHS national database…

  2. archrights says:

    Quite – if you want to find out how secure a database is, ask a private investigator how much it costs to get information from it!

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