Dog’s dinner, anyone?

If we’re rather quiet on the blogging front at the moment, a couple of items in the Register will explain why things have been exceptionally busy. Yup, fingerprints.

Take a good look at that first Register story. It says:

David Smith, deputy information commissioner, said: “For us to come out now and say fingerprinting isn’t allowed would be very difficult because these systems have come in over the last four years. We were asked about them and we said it was okay.”

Roughly translated, that means: we may have got it wrong, but it’s too late now. Instead, the Information Commissioner’s Office will cover their embarrassment by working with the DfES to produce guidance for schools on something the schools shouldn’t actually be doing in the first place.

Given that we first complained about school fingerprinting to the ICO around 4 years ago, and then again last year, only to be told that there wasn’t a data protection problem, you can perhaps understand that we might be feeling pretty peeved.


3 Responses to Dog’s dinner, anyone?

  1. Taken from ‘The Register’ :

    “I thought there must be a law against it but there wasn’t, so the law should be changed.”

    Personally, I would have thought that Article 8 of this :–d.htm#sch1 would have covered that?

  2. archrights says:

    It ought to, but affording a challenge (or getting legal aid to make one) is another matter. As one of the lawyers on our board is fond of saying, “the law, like the Ritz, is open to everyone”.

  3. […] on children’s biometrics Following on from our post on the use of children’s fingerprints in school, an Early Day Motion has now been tabled. Please do take a look at it, and (preferably) […]

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