Those pesky giants

Less than a month after the BBC reported that one giant had been slain, another one looms on the horizon:

A giant database of people’s personal details could be created at Whitehall under government plans which ministers say will help improve public services.

Tony Blair is expected to unveil the proposal in Downing Street on Monday.

Well, what a surprise. The NIR was always about creating a central ‘spine’ to enable the delivery of joined-up egovernment services ‘transformational government’, so something has to replace it.

It’s all gone very quiet since the Citizen Information Project produced its final report last year, recommending the creation of a central population register that would pull together the data held on the children’s IS Index and the NIR. The Ministerial Statement that followed said that the government accepted the recommendations and that:

…further work is being carried out in line with the transformational Government implementation plan published on 29 March 2006.

A nifty diagram (pdf) produced by the CIP shows how it could all fit together. Scroll down to Appendix A on page 24 and you can see a central spine surrounded by more arrows than Custer’s last stand, representing the ‘interactions’ of each human being with the central system from birth to death.

It’s quite hard to find the link to this document on the web. If it should suddenly disappear, as sometimes happens, you can contact ARCH for a copy (email details are on our website)


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