Surely not?

From the Telegraph comes the shock news that society’s favourite bete noir might be less noir than the media would usually have us believe:

They are popularly characterised as hoodie-wearing yobs who collect Asbos as a badge of honour.

Yet a new survey reveals that Britain’s teenagers care deeply about both the environment and their local community and would rather spend a quiet night at home with their parents than loiter on corners swigging lager.

Not everyone is happy though:

Ann Widdecombe, the Tory MP, suggested that it would be misleading to describe the survey as a true indication of teenagers’ attitudes.

Thank the Lord for that… C’mon you Barbarians, we need you!


One Response to Surely not?

  1. rainmanlite says:

    Hate to rain on anyone’s parade here, but ask the right people the right questions and you can prove just about anything you like.

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