Innovative use of ASBOs

The Girl Guides Association has come up with a very good idea:

Discussions on sex, abortion and eating disorders are to feature in a new education programme for Girl Guides. Guides will be trained as “peer educators” to teach others aged between 10 and 25 about such things as sexual health and binge drinking.

The article goes on to point out that around 50,000 children are currently on the waiting list to join the Guides. The Scout Association has a waiting list of 30,000. The Woodcraft Folk is facing a demand for new groups that it cannot meet.

The problem? Lack of adult volunteers.

Now, how about this for another good idea: every time an adult rings the police to complain about young people simply ‘hanging around’ (see this for instance) they should have their details logged. When their calls reach a certain threshold – say, two or three – they can be given an ASBO requiring them to volunteer for one of the organisations above. That should sort things out a bit.


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